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Through our composite rigging division at The Rig Shop, we design and produce our own advanced composite rigging systems. We develop new and individual rigging systems for marine, sport, aerospace and industrial applications and our production team represent some of the most experienced rigging experts in the world. Our team have been involved with the development of all types of systems from America’s Cup to Formula 1.

Outside of the marine industry, composites can be found in all manner of applications, both industrial and military, as they provide an incredibly strong and lightweight cable for lifting and towing.

Composite Loops

Composite Loops

Another application for PBO, Vectran and Kevlar is to make cables from a continuous loop of fibre. This creates a super strong and super light composite cable that can have a customized thimble at each end. Once wound the cable can be protected with heat shrink and chafe covers.

One of the main benefits of composite loops is that they can be made up to your exact requirements. By altering the number of strands in the loop, the break loading of the composite cable can be determined and the size and weight of the loop kept to a minimum.

Composite Wheel Tether Composite loops are suitable for use in many different applications.

We have, for example, manufactured a large number of these cables for the motorsports industry.

"Wheel Tethers" are used to absorb energy from the wheels in the event of an accident.

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Marine Composite Rigging

Historically, composite rigging would only be found on top flight racing yachts however over the last few years more and more performance cruisers have taken the composite route, either opting to re rig in full or simply to select specific areas of use such as backstays and runners. Many yachts are now switching their rod rigging for composite standing rigging, benefiting from the increased performance that composites have to offer.

The Benefits of composite rigging are clear

Lightweight - Approximately 75% lighter than rod
Stronger - At least 40% stronger

Composite Rigging, The Rig Shops specialist composites division, design and manufacture composite rigging solutions for the performance yachting and super yacht market.

Introducing Smart Cable™

"Smart Cable" is an advanced composite cable system which combines our own range of lightweight fittings with PBO, Kevlar and Vectran cables exclusive to The Rig Shop. Smart Cable provides an incredibly strong and light weight rigging solution, available from stock and with no long lead times.

All Smart Cables delivered from our factory are given a proof test load to ensure that the cable is correctly assembled and to improve fatigue life. Smart Cables can be periodically returned and re tested to a specified load with a new test certificate supplied.

Other cables and rigging can be proof tested on site up to 50 Tonnes as part of our standard rigging services. Visit our "load testing" page for further details

Kevlar 49 Cables

Kevlar 49 Cables

We have a range of Kevlar 49 plastic covered Parafil cables ranging from 1.5 to 150 Tonnes. The Fibre within the cable is of truly parallel orientation which minimises stretch and maximises fatigue life. A Black or White Polythene cover is applied to the Kevlar under pressure and tension. This ensures that the cover stretches and contracts with the cable and does not ride up at the ends. The cover provides a barrier to the elements, protecting against UV and salt water. Kevlar cables are currently being used throughout the world for backstays, mainstays, runners, check stays, diagonals, inner forestays and baby stays. Outside the marine industry they are used as lifting and towing cables.

Composite Rigging Fittings

A range of distinctive light weight sockets are available for every application and can be found on racing yachts and superyachts all over the world.

Our standard lightweight fittings have been extensively engineered to provide the full breaking strain of the cable. In fact, in tests it is common for the cable to fail midway and not at the terminal itself. This has been done by keeping the fibres parallel which also helps to increase fatigue life. The fittings are made from high strength 17/4/PH stainless steel, allowing thin walls whilst keeping weight down to a minimum. The sockets have a plastic cap that supports the cable and assists as a fatigue indicator. The cap houses a rubber “O” Ring that prevents the water getting in.

At the top end of the fitting there is a thread adaptor that allows the cables to be interfaced with most standard end fittings.


They will be able to offer the same RAPID RESPONSE service for the supply of PBO and Kevlar Cables.

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