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Architectural & Industrial Rigging

 Architectural and Industrial Rigging

Marine rigging has long been used for a variety of industrial applications. Both aesthetically and structurally, marine rigging is the preferred choice for balustrades, stairways, walkways, and suspended canopies.

The Rig Shop has been recognised as a leading figure in rigging applications for over 25 years. This experience and flexibility allows us to design and build a system to meet your individual requirements. Working with architects and designers, we can advise on the wide range of products available to ensure that only the appropriate fittings are used. If required, we have the in-house capability to design and manufacture bespoke fittings to suit any purpose.


Solid rod, wire and cable can be used for the completion of a whole host of architectural projects or building work. Stainless steel offers many advantages, including low stretch, low maintenance and a highly polished finish that does not rust or tarnish. In addition, The Rig Shop are specialists in the design and manufacture of Composite cables and fittings, for which there are numerous applications.

Specification and Installation

The Rig Shop's fully trained and experienced team are on hand throughout the project to provide a full installation service. Alternatively we can supply you everything you need in kit form for self assembly.

Load Testing

The Rig Shop is proud to boast one of if not the largest load testing facilities in the UK. Our test bed is set up to work with lengths up to 45 metres but can be extended to accommodate lengths of up to 90 metres. With our own digital load cell we can proof test up to 50T. This test bed is ideal for large diameter cables, chains, strops and yacht rigging.

Predictive testing can now be offered for bridge structure cables and overhead cables for trams.

Load Testing

Bespoke Nitronic Rod Production

As well as load testing, our facility has the capability to draw bar from its hot coil formation into full strength Nitronic rod. The Rig Shop can manufacture and head round or lenticular (convex on both sides) rod in sizes from -91 up to -220 (30.25mm).

In 2002 The Rig Shop produced a one piece (-150 / 25.4 mm diameter) Nitronic rod forestay 44 metres in length for the J Class yacht "Velsheda". A unique achievement at that time!

Using the new production process developed by The Rig Shop, one piece rods up to 80 metres long can now be produced!

Performance Tuning

 Performance Tuning

Whether you are racing at the highest level, with your local club or simply sailing for pleasure, boat speed is important. Setting up your mast to optimise performance is one of the key areas that requires regular attention.

Dock Tune

It is very common to see masts that are leaning over to one side, bowing forward in the middle or snaking from one side to the other. Our dock tune service will make sure that the fundamentals are correct, ensuring that your mast is set not only safely, but properly tuned to give you the best performance in a range of conditions.

Sail Tune

 Performance Tuning

Once dock tuning is complete, tuning your mast to the next level requires us to get on the water. This is the only way we can assess exactly how your yacht performs. Achieving the best sail shape is essential for optimising boat speed, and only by looking at the mast and sails together can you truly expect to get the best performance.

Once the basics are set correctly there are certain adjustments which vary depending on wind conditions and sail plan. As part of the service we will guide you through some of the adjustments you can make yourself whilst on the water.

Winning is often down to the smallest thing, whether this is extracting that extra fraction of a knot, having the ability to point a little higher or simply knowing what adjustments you can make when conditions change. It will all make a difference, and if nothing else, leave you with one less excuse if you don't win!

Rigging Check

Often forgotten about and invariably left unprotected in one of the harshest of environments, when was the last time your mast and rigging was inspected?

Rigging Check

Rig Check

The Rig Shop offer a "Rig Check" service which provides the client with a comprehensive, detailed report covering all aspects of the condition of a yacht's mast and rigging components. The report contains photographs and descriptions of any problems found, including recommendations on any necessary remedial work. The client can use the information contained in the report to schedule a preventive maintainance plan or alternatively instruct The Rig Shop to carry the work out for them.

Rigging Check

Preventative Maintainance

The importance of some basic routine maintenance should never be underestimated as it may well prevent an untimely, expensive and potentially dangerous failure. Any metal left out in a corrosive environment will fatigue, and whether your rigging is rod or wire, it is generally accepted that every 2 to 3 years the fittings and terminals should be taken apart, cleaned, and re-assembled with the appropriate lubricants applied.

At around the same sort of intervals rod rigging should be re-headed to minimise the risk of sudden failures.

By following a few basic procedures we can extend the life of your mast and rigging, which in the long run will undoubtedly save time and money.

The Rig Shop can set up a maintenance program for your mast and rigging. Please contact us for details.